Organizing all of the documents related to your home and your life. 

Emergencies happen. Are you prepared? 

It's not only about being prepared for your eventual death and making it easier for your family in their time of grief. It's about being prepared for any emergency including a disaster such as a fire or a serious health crisis such as a stroke.

Do you have all of your papers and important information in one easily accessible place where your family can find it when needed?

If there was an emergency would your bills still be paid on time? Do your family members know the name of your insurance agent, your accountant or lawyer? Do they know who you want them to contact in an emergency? 

By being organized and having everything in one place life is made easier.
Experienced Professional Organizers can assist you and  your family with the:
               Discovery, Identification and Organization  
of your family's tangible assets (your "stuff").

By having a complete inventory of your home as well as a list of all of the important information to keep your home running smoothly, even in a crisis - your life will be less stressful - for you and your family.

​A professional organizer can help in many different ways. Email me to find out more information. 
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