Quantum Leap, NAPO Community Service Program

NAPO believes that making important shifts in one’s life is difficult to impossible without basic organizing skills. For those in life transitions—individuals living in shelters or public housing, the homeless, teenage mothers, victims of natural disasters, and many others—those skills are critical, but are often unaffordable. 

Quantum Leap represents a concerted effort to bridge that gap. 

The Quantum Leap program is NAPO’s community service initiative aimed at those who are welfare-vulnerable and in a major life-changing transition. As individuals or as part of a local chapter initiative, NAPO professional organizers volunteer their time to offer skill-building organizational sessions on paper, time and money management. 

Karin E. Fried is a NAPO, Quantum Leap Trainer

Organizer in Your School

This program brings a professional organizer into the schools to teach students the benefits of being organized and basic organizing principles in a totally interactive classroom presentation. 

Each school program includes an interactive presentation to be given to students in a classroom setting by a professional organizer. The presentation lasts anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon the time available with the teacher. Handouts that include organizing tips are distributed to parents to start a dialogue between parents and students about being organized. 

  *** this program can also be used for Girl Scouts or other children's activities

For more information on the Quantum Leap or Organizer in Your School program or to schedule a free seminar, email or call us.