Call to arrange a Seminar for your group on any Organizing topic.  Pick one of the seminars below or have one tailored to your needs. Each seminar is an hour long.  Also available for "at home"  presentations. Gather a group of your friends and spend an hour learning valuable tips that you can use throughout your life. (5 person  minimum).

Organizing Basics

Are you “disorganized” ?  Do you know  “why” ?  Learn some of the reasons behind “disorganization”.  It’s not about being “messy”. What is the “organizing process” ?  Can you learn to become more “organized” ?  Where do you start ? Why can a Professional Organizer do for you ?  Some basic organizing tips that you can implement right away.

Organizing Your Home – Room By Room

How to have an organized home, one room at a time.  This presentation will give you basic organizing tips for each room of your home.  For your kitchen, your closets and all the rooms of your home.  “A place for everything – and everything has a place”.

Less Clutter  =  Less Stress

From your cluttered home to your cluttered schedule this seminar touches on many different aspects of your life. What is “clutter” ?  It’s not just “stuff”. Learn how it affects your life. How it costs you time and money.  And most importantly, how it causes stress.  Learn how to be more “organized” and how to “de-clutter” your life. 

Organizing Your Kids

At what age do you start teaching your children organizational skills ?  The basics on how to have an organized child, how to organize their “stuff” and how to have an organized house with children.

Balancing Work and Family

How do you find enough time to work and have a family. Which comes first, your family or your career ? What does “balancing” actually mean?  How do you fit everything into one day?  Do you really need to sleep ?

Organizing Information – From Paper Flow to Email  

This seminar provides information for both personal and business use.  Learn how to handle incoming mail, bills, magazines….and anything else.  Learn how to set up files and find things when you need them. Learn how to wade through your email, organize it efficiently and not be a slave to your computer. Basic time management skills that you can use throughout your life.

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